Human Med AG

human med has a long tradition in water-jet surgery, establishing themselves in this field by offering an innovative solution that holds obvious benefits for both the doctor and the patient. The benefits are always based on the advantages offered by water as a more intelligent and physiological approach to separating tissues.

Water does not cut. It pushes apart sheets of cells at their weakest point. This allows the operator to separate various types of tissues along lines of differing tissue densities. The operator is thus able to follow the existing anatomical structures.

body-jet® — the gentle way of liposuction

The application of water-jet surgery in Water-Jet Assisted Liposuction (WAL) has already demonstrated the benefits of this approach:

  • better results in body contouring
    • no tumescent swelling — no bloating
    • better intraoperative assessment — precise contouring
    • high rate of patient satisfaction — lower revision rates
  • faster
    • significantly shorter operating times
    • no waiting time between infiltration and aspiration
    • effortless and targeted movement of the body-jet cannulas
  • safer
    • up to 70% less tumescent solution required in infiltration
    • less accumulation of medication in the body
    • adequate infiltration as required during the whole process


WAL is perfomed using the body-jet. A detailed description of WAL and the body-jet, (together with clincal papers and an instructional DVD) can be found in the WAL Intro Pack.