Water-jet Assisted Liposuction

Non-tumescent Liposuction with Immediately Visible Results

Water-jet Assisted Liposuction (WAL) is a tissue-selective, non-tumescent liposuction technique that maximises the advantages of the tumescent method while minimising the drawbacks.

WAL uses a thin, fan-shaped jet of water to target and gently release fat cells, sparing blood vessels and nerves. Simultaneous infiltration and aspiration enables the precise correction of margins and the reduction, if not complete elimination, of post-operational fluid.

WAL: Detailed Process Description

body-jet® — the gentle way of liposuction

WAL is performed using the body-jet from human med. The body-jet incorporates two independently controllable systems that work together to provide the simultaneous infiltration and aspiration that is unique to WAL.

A detailed description of WAL and the body-jet, (together with clincal papers and an instructional DVD) can be found in the WAL Intro Pack.

Patient Resources

The WAL procedure is being marketed under the name Liposoft. Patients wanting to better understand the advantages of Liposoft over traditional techniques can find additional information at the following sites:

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